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Finding solutions, such as duct cleaning or mold testing in South Carolina, for the cause and effect of poor indoor air quality can at times be confusing. The solution to the problems within your structure can be readily identified by working with an experienced Indoor Air Quality Specialist. Clean Aire Inc. offers decades of experience when addressing client concerns. Our dedicated staff has experience in multiple trades. The distinctive nature of each individual structure is taken into account as we identify and assess the myriad of components that affect the indoor environment within commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Our focus has always been directed at the prompt resolution of our client's. The quality assurance and high ethical standards found within our firm guarantees the confidence of our clients.

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Mold Testing in South Carolina13-Aug-2012

While just about every individual has heard horror stories of what mold can do to be indoor air quality of a home or office, many people do not have a clear understanding of how to combat the prob..

You'll Breathe Easier28-Jul-2011

South Carolina is a wonderful place to live. Located in the Deep South, bordering on both Georgia to the south, and North Carolina of course to the north, with the Atlantic Ocean right on its door..