Duct Cleaning


We provide residential air duct cleaning services. Our cleaning specialists use HEPA rated vacuums to clear your duct systems of accumulated contaminants and particulate matter.


Clean Aire Inc. provides commercial air duct cleaning services for any type of building.

We have sucessfully cleaned hundreds of commercial buildings amounting to more than 12 million square feet of commercial space. Our list of completed projects includes retail, office, medical and school properties.


Our staff is skilled at working within industrial environments. Working in conjunction with our clients, we provide our crews with site specific safety training. To reduce downtime, our site crews work hand in hand with facility maintenance and engineering and production departments to provide on time completion of assigned projects.

We adhere to all OSHA safety requirements. Prior to the start of each project, all documentation (safety training, drug testing, and insurance certificates) are provided. Our insurance coverage meets or exceeds most facility requirements. We use no sub-contractor or day labor in our work force.